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Muscle Mechanics-2nd Edition

Muscle Mechanics-2nd Edition


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    Obtain optimal muscle gains using superior technique! Muscle Mechanics will teach you how to train for strength, definition, and muscle size using 65 of the most effective exercises covering all the major muscle groups. By combining full-color anatomical illustrations and expert technical guidance, this book will help you better understand how to properly target specific muscles by using the most efficient alignment, positioning, and lifting technique for each exercise.

    Three programs for base strength, full-body fitness, and advanced split routines show how to combine the exercises into progressive strength programs. And by varying intensity, volume, recovery, and exercise sequencing, you can design customized programs for reaching both immediate and long-term training goals.

    Resistance training expert and Cooper Institute instructor Everett Aaberg is one of the world’s foremost instructors and authors in strength training. In Muscle Mechanics, he puts the emphasis on training mechanics to help you maximize results and minimize the risk of injury.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Anatomical Design and Function
    Chapter 2. Effective Exercise Selection
    Chapter 3. Optimal Exercise Technique
    Chapter 4. Core and Trunk Exercises
    Chapter 5. Compound Lower Body Exercises
    Chapter 6. Isolated Lower Body Exercises
    Chapter 7. Upper Body Pushing Exercises
    Chapter 8. Upper Body Pulling Exercises
    Chapter 9. Program Planning