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Outdoor Athlete eBook , The

Outdoor Athlete eBook , The


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    Take your outdoor experience to the next level. The Outdoor Athlete will prepare you for adventure with performance training programs designed to maximize outdoor enjoyment.

    Whether you’re increasing upper-body strength for an upcoming climb or building endurance for a multiday hike, The Outdoor Athlete will make sure you are ready.

    Authors Courtenay and Doug Schurman use their extensive outdoor and training expertise to provide conditioning programs developed for the unique demands of 17 activities:
    • Hiking
    • Trekking
    • Backpacking
    • Alpine mountaineering
    • Scrambling
    • Rock climbing
    • Ice climbing
    • Mixed climbing
    • Trail running
    • Off-road biking
    • Kayaking
    • Canoeing
    • Rafting
    • Cross-country skiing
    • Snowshoeing
    • Randonee Skiing
    • Telemark skiing
    Including coverage of nutritional requirements and environmental demands, The Outdoor Athlete is simply the most comprehensive resource available for outdoor adventurists. If you love the outdoors, you need The Outdoor Athlete.


    Part I Foundation for Outdoor Fitness
    Chapter 1. Principles of Training
    Chapter 2. Fitness Assessment and Adaptation
    Chapter 3. Increasing Endurance
    Chapter 4. Maximizing Strength
    Chapter 5. Fueling for Outdoor Pursuits
    Chapter 6. Overcoming Environmental Challenges

    Part II Conditioning for Specific Activities
    Chapter 7. Hiking, Trekking, and Backpacking
    Chapter 8. Alpine Scrambling and Mountaineering
    Chapter 9. Rock and Ice Climbing
    Chapter 10. Trail Running
    Chapter 11. Off-Road Biking
    Chapter 12. Canoeing, Kayaking, and Rafting
    Chapter 13. Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, and Backcountry Skiing

    Part III Exercises for Peak Performance
    Exercise Finder
    Chapter 14. Flexibility and Mobility
    Chapter 15. Body Stabilization and Support
    Chapter 16. Strength

    Sample Content

     Lying Dumbbell Triceps ExtensionLying Dumbbell Triceps ExtensionOne-Leg Deadlift One-Leg Deadlift Romanian Deadlift Romanian Deadlift  
     Courtenay Schurman discusses strategies for an injury-free climbing season  Courtenay Schurman explains the benefits of hiking/climbing and how to get started   Courtenay Schurman offers tips on combatting altitude sickness  Courtenay Schurman shows how to enjoy the great outdoors  Hear about Courtenay Schurman’s most memorable outdoor experience