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Physical Literacy: An Introduction - Enhanced Online Course

Physical Literacy: An Introduction - Enhanced Online Course


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    Physical Literacy: An Introduction provides foundational information for educators, coaches, and recreational leaders to understand the importance of encouraging lifelong movement, skill development, and enjoyment of physical activity. The completion of this certification course will provide leaders with the skills necessary to create quality programming that supports holistic development of all children and young people.

    Unit 1 provides an overview of physical literacy and its components. It highlights the importance of guiding children and young people through the development of various skills and fostering confidence and competence as they continue their journey to lifelong active behaviour.

    Unit 2 focuses on creating a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for all participants. It introduces strategies to modify activities and environments to ensure the development of each participant. Leaders are also introduced to various strategies for developing supportive environments and how to implement these strategies in their programming.

    Unit 3 builds on the material from the first two units of the course and allows leaders to apply the strategies introduced in unit 2 by observing physical activity leaders in action. Leaders are encouraged to develop a personal philosophy that will support them in developing effective programming to support a lifelong physical literacy journey for children and young people.

    This certification provides an opportunity to review and apply learning by answering questions, solving tasks, and completing interactive activities. Physical Literacy: An Introduction also provides a unique journaling opportunity by providing a workbook document that allows for note-taking and for reflecting on personal experiences, perceptions, and ideas for future programming.

    A PHE Canada certificate of completion will be provided upon successful completion.


    The certification course is designed to provide teachers, coaches, and recreational leaders with a foundational understanding of physical literacy and support them in implementing strategies into their physical education and physical activity programs.

    Table of Contents


    Unit 1: Understanding Physical Literacy

    Unit 2: Building a Supportive Learning Environment

    Unit 3: Physical Literacy and My Practice

    About the Author

    Physical & Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) is a national leader and vital contributor in fostering achievement and health among Canadian children and youth by supporting physical and health education and active living initiatives where children live, learn, and play. PHE Canada’s vision is a future wherein all children and youth in Canada live healthy, physically active lives.