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Physiology of Sport and Exercise Web Study Guide-7th Edition

Physiology of Sport and Exercise Web Study Guide-7th Edition


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    Study Guide

    To assist students using the text, the seventh edition of Physiology of Sport and Exercise has a companion web study guide. The guide includes dynamic and interactive learning activities that can be conducted outside the lab and include activity feedback that helps students find the correct information.

    A key terms activity is included in each chapter to reinforce the important terms introduced in the text. The online chapters include quizzes that test students’ knowledge of the material, and the resources section of the study guide includes links to professional journals as well as information on organizations and careers to extend students’ knowledge beyond the school environment. Art animations bring 26 images and figures from the text to life, providing an exciting new way to experience course material. Video clips (27) from key leaders in the field discuss recent developments and real-world applications. Audio clips (66) provide explanations of complex physiological processes to aid students’ understanding of important illustrations in the text. The study guide includes a glossary of terms used in the text.

    The web study guide is packaged with a new print book or ebook, or it may be purchased separately on this site.