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Resistance Training Instruction-2nd Edition

Resistance Training Instruction-2nd Edition


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    Ensure optimal results for your clients with the most efficient training and teaching techniques for resistance exercise. Covering all the major muscle groups, Resistance Training Instruction provides all the tools to improve the function, performance, and appearance of your clients.

    Detailed illustrations combined with expert technical guidance demonstrate how to target specific muscles as well as the most efficient alignment, positioning, and lifting technique for each exercise. In addition, you will learn how and when to vary intensity, volume, recovery, and exercise sequencing to customize any routine.

    Organized by movement function, emphasizing the connection between technique and results, each exercise provides the following:

    • Step-by-step instructions for setup and technique
    • Guidance on monitoring, cueing, spotting, and coaching clients for the safest, most effective training
    • Full-color anatomical illustrations that depict muscle use throughout each exercise

    With sample periodized programs, Resistance Training Instruction demonstrates how to develop base strength, improve whole-body fitness, and design advanced split routines by selecting, combining, and sequencing the best exercises for each client.

    Used by the renowned Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research to certify personal trainers, Resistance Training Instruction makes it easy to achieve maximum gains for all of your clients.

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Human Movement and Adaptation
    Chapter 1. Anatomical Design and Function
    Chapter 2. Joint Mechanics
    Chapter 3. Resistance Training Adaptations

    Part II: Technique and Programming
    Chapter 4. Resistance Training Technique
    Chapter 5. Resistance Exercise Selection
    Chapter 6. Resistance Exercise Program Design

    Part III: Exercises
    Chapter 7. Core and Trunk Exercises
    Chapter 8. Compound Lower-Body Exercises
    Chapter 9. Isolated Lower-Body Exercises
    Chapter 10. Upper-Body Pushing Exercises
    Chapter 11. Upper-Body Pulling Exercises