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Scooter Games

Scooter Games


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    Scooters, kids, and fun are natural partners. Kids love scooting, and it’s great physical activity—but, until now, few books have focused on scooter activities or provided guidance on incorporating them into the curriculum in meaningful ways.

    Scooter Games is an easy-to-use book that will help you find creative ways to integrate cooperative, tag, relay, team, or interdisciplinary scooter activities into your curriculum. Through the more than 100 productive and ready-to-use activities in Scooter Games, you can address the following topics:

    • Math, health, science, and language arts concepts
    • Teamwork and sportsmanship
    • Problem solving
    In doing so, you will help children improve their social, emotional, cognitive, intellectual, and physical skills.
    The scooter games and activities are divided into six categories: individual exploration, cooperative exploration, tag activities, relay activities, team games, and interdisciplinary games. The book contains 50 reproducibles to enhance the safety and fun and to help you assess the students. It also offers information to help you make the case for buying scooters if you don’t already have them, and advice on caring for the scooters and using them safely. You can use the game finder to quickly locate the type of game you want.

    Scooter Games will capture kids’ interest, enthusiasm, energy, and desire to remain active through their growing years. And it will help you enhance your curriculum—and become your students’ all-time favorite physical education teacher!

    Table of Contents

    Game Finder

    Part I. Off to a Good Start With Scooters
    Chapter 1. Benefits and Background of Scooter Play
           Physical Development
           Social and Emotional Development
           Cognitive Development
           Play and Scooter Games
           History of Scooter Boards

    Chapter 2. Teaching Sportsmanship With Scooters
           A Definition of Sportsmanship
           Sportsmanship Curriculum

    Chapter 3. Preparing to Play
           Working With Scooters
           Caring for Scooters
           Safety With Scooters

    Part II. Scooter Games
    Chapter 4. Individual Exploration
    Chapter 5. Cooperative Exploration
    Chapter 6. Tag Activities
    Chapter 7. Relay Activities
    Chapter 8. Team Games
    Chapter 9. Interdisciplinary Games

    Appendix A: Recommended Resources and Links
    Appendix B: Assessment Tools
    Appendix C: Safety Tools
    Appendix D: Sportsmanship Tools
    Appendix E: Games Reproducibles
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