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Skills & Strategies for Coaching Soccer 2nd Edition eBook

Skills & Strategies for Coaching Soccer 2nd Edition eBook


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    The key to successful coaching is preparing your players to make intelligent decisions on the field. For years, the best-selling Skills & Strategies for Coaching Soccer has helped coaches of every level do just that. Now, soccer’s premier coaching resource has been updated and expanded to provide you with more insights into developing individual talent, team tactics, and winning play.

    Skills & Strategies for Coaching Soccer provides you with over 125 drills for teaching skills and techniques. You’ll also learn how to develop these skills in realistic game situations with beginning, intermediate, advanced, and all-star players.

    Essential skills are presented, including collecting and controlling, passing, dribbling, kicking, heading, and goalkeeping. You’ll then apply those individual skills with attacking and defensive tactics, team formations, and set pieces. With Skills & Strategies for Coaching Soccer, you’ll learn the what, how, and why of soccer through these essentials:

    • Over 125 drills for beginning, intermediate, advanced, and all-star players
    • Progressing basic drills into realistic, competitive situations
    • Tactics in attack and defense
    • Tactics in set plays
    • Team management
    • Mental and physical preparation for games
    • Handling problem players and parents
    • Fitness and conditioning
    • Preparing and developing coaching sessions
    • Establishing a coaching philosophy

    Skills & Strategies for Coaching Soccer is an invaluable guide for coaching any team in any setting. The best team doesn’t always win—but it usually does.

    Table of Contents

    Drill Finder

    Part I Preparing to Coach
    Chapter 1. Ethics and Your Coaching Philosophy
    Chapter 2. Personal Coaching Strategies
    Chapter 3. Group Coaching Strategies

    Part II Skills and Techniques
    Chapter 4. Collecting and Controlling the Ball
    Chapter 5. Passing
    Chapter 6. Dribbling
    Chapter 7. Striking the Ball
    Chapter 8. Shooting
    Chapter 9. Heading
    Chapter 10. Goalkeeping
    Chapter 11. Tackling and Defensive Skills

    Part III Tactics and Teamwork
    Chapter 12. Principles of Play
    Chapter 13. Team Formations and Systems of Play
    Chapter 14. Coaching Teamwork
    Chapter 15. Tactics in Defense, Midfield, and Attack
    Chapter 16. Set Pieces

    Part IV Team Management
    Chapter 17. Physical and Mental Preparation for Games
    Chapter 18. Working With Problem Players and Parents
    Chapter 19. Fitness and Conditioning for Soccer

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