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Soccer Science

Soccer Science


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    Through the years a wealth of information has been accumulated in soccer. Experiential and science-based knowledge abounds in the sport. Yet the scientific information has not been sufficiently disseminated to those who would benefit most from it.

    Soccer Science fills the void with the best and most up-to-date research in the sport.

    With editor Tony Strudwick and a who’s-who list of international experts on the sport, Soccer Science offers you an unprecedented wealth of advanced yet accessible information on biomechanics, physiology, psychology, skill acquisition and coaching, tactical approaches and performance and match analysis. It is simply the most significant and comprehensive published work on the sport.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction: The Application of Soccer Science (Tony Strudwick)

    Part I. Foundations of Soccer Science
    Chapter 1. Evolution of Soccer Science (Neil Carter)
    Chapter 2. National and Cultural Influences (Craig Duncan and Tony Strudwick)

    Part II. Talent Identification and Player Development
    Chapter 3. Practical Aspects of Player Selection and Development (Iñigo Mujika and Carlo Castagna)
    Chapter 4. Development of the Young Soccer Player (Viswanath Unnithan and Jon Iga)
    Chapter 5. Skill Acquisition and Learning Through Practice and Other Activities (Paul Ford)

    Part III. Biomechanical and Technological Applications
    Chapter 6. Biomechanical Principles of Soccer (Anthony Blazevich and Sophia Nimphius)
    Chapter 7. Refining Techniques and Skills Through Scientific Analysis (Neal Smith)
    Chapter 8. Biomechanics for Optimal Performance and Injury Prevention (Martin Haines and Daniel Cohen)
    Chapter 9. Soccer Boots and Playing Surface (Thorsten Sterzing)
    Chapter 10. Soccer Ball Dynamics (Andy Harland and Henry Hanson)

    Part IV. Physiological Demands in Training and Competition
    Chapter 11. Targeted Systems of the Body for Training (Greg Dupont and Alan McCall)
    Chapter 12. Conditioning Programmes for Competitive Levels (Tony Strudwick and Gary Walker)
    Chapter 13. Environmental Stressors (Donald T. Kirkendall)
    Chapter 14. Nutritional Needs (Mayur Ranchordas)
    Chapter 15. Injury Frequency and Prevention (Dr. Mario Bizzini and Dr. Astrid Junge)

    Part V. Psychology and Mental Demands
    Chapter 16. Psychology and Elite Soccer Performance (Geir Jordet)
    Chapter 17. Mental Interventions (Matt Pain)
    Chapter 18 Performance Mindset (Mark Nesti)

    Part VI. Tactics and Strategies
    Chapter 19. Popular Systems and Styles of Play (Jens Bangsbo and Birger Peitersen)
    Chapter 20. Defensive Pressure and Goal Prevention (Sam Erith and Gary Curneen)
    Chapter 21. Key Transitions and Midfield Maneuvers (Dave Tenney and Sigi Schmidt)
    Chapter 22. Essential Elements of Attacking Soccer (Richard Hawkins and Darren Robinson)

    Part VII. Match Performance and Analysis
    Chapter 23. Player and Team Assessments (Rob Mackenzie and Chris Cushion)
    Chapter 24. Match Evaluations: Systems and Tools (Chris Carling)
    Chapter 25. Statistical Evaluations in Soccer (Ron Smith)

    Epilogue: The Future of Soccer Science (Tony Strudwick)

    About the Editor
    About the Contributors

    About the Author

    Tony Strudwick has experience working in national and international performance structures, providing strategic and long-term planning for management of elite athletes. He is head of performance at Manchester United Football Club, a post that involves managing a world-class department of 18 full-time and consultant performance staff members. He manages the short- and long-term strategies of the performance services, ensuring the day-to-day running of the performance department is of the highest professional standard.

    Recruited by Sir Alex Ferguson, Strudwick developed a research branch of the scientific support strategy intended to further the science department at Manchester United. He helped to shape a state-of-the-art sport science laboratory at the AON Training Complex.

    Since 2006, Strudwick has been part of a FIFA Club World Cup championship along with Premiership, UEFA Champions League, Carling Cup, and Charity Shield winning teams. He was selected as part of the backroom team of the English F.A. to support the England national team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. He has an extensive background in player development structures from elite youth to senior level in both England and the United States. He has completed consultancy work with Nike, Red Bull, Google, AON, and GlaxoSmithKline.

    Strudwick completed his post-graduate doctoral thesis at Liverpool John Moores University in 2006. In addition, he has a comprehensive background in teaching and lecturing at the graduate level, such as being an F.A. staff teacher for the F.A. Fitness Trainer’s course, while also earning a UEFA pro licence, an A licence, and a Youth Coaches Award. Strudwick has held positions with Blackburn Rovers F.C., West Ham United F.C., English F.A., Coventry City F.C., and United Soccer Academy.