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Stretching Poster: Upper Body

Stretching Poster: Upper Body


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    Featuring the same four-color artwork seen in best-selling book Stretching Anatomy, the Stretching: Upper Body will help you minimize muscle soreness, reduce the risk of injury, and improve mobility.

    The Upper Body poster presents nine stretches for the neck, shoulders, and arms:

    • Neck extensor

    • Neck flexor

    • Beginner shoulder flexor

    • Beginner shoulder extensor, adductor, and retractor

    • Shoulder adductor, protractor, and elevator

    • Triceps brachii

    • Elbow and wrist flexor

    • Beginner wrist extensor

    • Finger extensor

    Whether you seek increased flexibility, better athletic performance, or reduced muscle soreness and tension, the Stretching Anatomy Poster Series will be your visual guide to proper stretching technique.

    Individual poster size: 24 by 31 inches (60 by 80 cm)

    Posters can be purchased individually or as a series.

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