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    Be confident in the pool or open water with Swimming: Steps to Success. This proven program will help you master these techniques:

    Starts and Turns
    Open Water
    Survival Swimming

    Step-by-step instruction and full color photos show basic arm and leg movements along with proper body position for each skill. Drills reinforce the instruction and help you practice each stroke. There’s even a scoring system for gauging success and determining readiness to advance to new skills.

    Whether you’re instructing, learning to swim, or looking to improve your aquatic skills, Swimming: Steps to Success will let you develop at your own pace. Part of the highly successful Steps to Success Sport Series with more than 1.6 million copies sold, it’s your guide to in-water excellence.

    Table of Contents

    Climbing the Steps to Swimming Success
    The Sport of Swimming
    Step 1 Floating
    Step 2 Manipulating the Water
    Step 3 Freestyle
    Step 4 Backstroke
    Step 5 Breaststroke
    Step 6 Butterfly
    Step 7 Turns
    Step 8 Starts
    Step 9 Open Water and Survival Swimming
    Step 10 Continuing with Swimming