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Water Exercise

Water Exercise


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    Looking for exercises to improve your fitness, maximize your cross-training, or recover from an injury or condition—all with little or no impact? Water Exercise is your complete resource for fitness and rehabilitation exercises.

    Water workouts are a fabulous way to exercise, no matter your current fitness level. Water Exercise allows personalization of each workout plan: You can change the speed, intensity, or amount of rest based on your needs. Water Exercise is ideal for cross-training workouts and beginning to advanced fitness workouts. It will also help you recover from injury or manage a chronic condition. With underwater photos and simple instructions for each exercise, you will learn fun exercises in Water Exercise you can do in shallow or deep water. You’ll also learn how to use optional equipment such as foam noodles and water buoys to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

    Exercising in the water is effective because it offers a range of therapeutic and health benefits yet still improves all the components of fitness that you get from land exercise—with no impact. With just a pool and a swimsuit, you can strengthen, rehabilitate, and add variety to your workouts with Water Exercise.

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Getting Started
    Chapter 1: Basics of Water Exercise
    Chapter 2: Preparing to Get Wet
    Part II: Choosing Your Exercises
    Chapter 3: Warm-Up and Flexibility Segment
    Chapter 4: Beginning Exercises
    Chapter 5: Intermediate Exercises
    Chapter 6: Advanced Exercises
    Chapter 7: Deep-Water Exercises
    Part III: Exercises for Common Injuries and Conditions
    Chapter 8: Ankle Joint
    Chapter 9: Knee Joint
    Chapter 10: Hip Joint
    Chapter 11: Spine
    Chapter 12: Shoulder Joint
    Chapter 13: Elbow and Wrist Joints
    Part IV: Water Exercise Programs
    Chapter 14: Basic Water Fitness
    Chapter 15: Advanced Cross-Training
    Chapter 16: Special Populations
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