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Winning Wrestling Moves

Winning Wrestling Moves


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    With more than 700 detailed photographs illustrating moves and countermoves, this book shows how to handle any opponent in virtually any situation. Winning Wrestling Moves provides high school and college wrestlers and their coaches with all the fundamentals and latest refinements in wrestling techniques. Never before have so many wrestling moves been described and illustrated in one volume. Three former All-Americans from the University of Iowa—Mark Mysnyk, Barry Davis, and Brooks Simpson—team up to share the techniques that made them champions:

    • Proper stance, movement, penetration, and lifting technique
    • Breakdowns, rides, and pins
    • 200 takedowns featuring variations based on the opponent's reaction
    • Escapes and reversals
    • Valuable counter techniques
    • Freestyle turns for freestyle and scholastic wrestling

    Winning Wrestling Moves is a generously illustrated guide that shows wrestlers at the high school and college levels how to come out on top in every match.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Basic Skills
    Chapter 2. Takedowns
    Chapter 3. Escapes and Reversals
    Chapter 4. Breakdowns, Rides, and Pins
    Chapter 5. Freestyle Turns