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Women's Tennis Tactics eBook

Women's Tennis Tactics eBook


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    Women’s tennis has come of age. Players today are taller, stronger, and faster than ever before. The distinction between traditional baseline, all-court, and serve-and-volley games continues to diminish as players learn how to dictate the point at the earliest opportunity.

    The top players know how to play to their strengths and their opponents’ weaknesses, and Women’s Tennis Tactics shows you how to do the same:
    • More than 68 drills to practice match tactics
    • Breakdown of match situations and tactical solutions
    • Guidance on developing a personal style
    • Strategies for tracking performance
    • Tactics for singles and doubles play
    Whether serving, returning, playing the baseline, or playing the net, Women’s Tennis Tactics provides you with the strategic arsenal to elevate your game and enjoy greater success on the court.


    Chapter 1. Tactical Serving
    Chapter 2. Tactical Returning
    Chapter 3. Playing From the Baseline
    Chapter 4. Approaching and Playing at the Net
    Chapter 5. Opposing the Net Player
    Chapter 6. Developing a Game Style

    Sample Content

       Sample pages: tactical returningSample pages: tactical returning