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Wrestling Tough

Wrestling Tough


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    Wrestling as much as any sport requires a special type and level of courage. The arduous training, periodic weight cutting, and public arena for performing are challenges that intimidate all but a special breed of athlete. And that is not to mention the sport’s very essence: facing off against an opponent who wants to do nothing less than dominate you physically, destroy you emotionally, and humiliate you mentally.

    Wrestling Tough is a unique look at the “stuff” that has characterized the greatest competitors to ever take the mat. Award-winning author Mike Chapman first presents the attributes that serve as a common link among wrestling champions through the decades. From there he details how and when these attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors manifest themselves in the training room and in competition.

    Even the best athletes and most successful coaches will find something new to add to their skill set. Let Wrestling Tough be your guide to a championship-level mindset.

    Table of Contents

    Part I Fundamental Steps to Wrestling Tough
    Chapter 1. Choosing to Wrestle
    Chapter 2. Understanding Toughness
    Chapter 3. Building Confidence
    Chapter 4. Dedicating and Committing to Goals
    Chapter 5. Gaining Desire and Discipline
    Chapter 6. Adding Intensity and Effort
    Chapter 7. Achieving the Right Mindset
    Chapter 8. Getting in the Zone
    Chapter 9. Paying the Price
    Chapter 10. Dealing With Adversity

    Part II The Essence of Wrestling Tough
    Chapter 11. The Link Between Mental and Physical Toughness
    Chapter 12. The Art of Preparation
    Chapter 13. The Spirit for Competition
    Chapter 14. The Roles of Underdog and Favorite
    Chapter 15. The Will to Win
    Chapter 16. The Power of Heart
    Chapter 17. The Attacking Mindset
    Chapter 18. The Ultimate Mental Wrestler
    Chapter 19. The Balance Between Wrestling and Life
    Chapter 20. The Enduring Lessons of Wrestling

    About the Author

    Mike Chapman is the founder and executive director of the International Wrestling Institute and Museum, an organization that markets the sport worldwide. He has written over 700 columns on the sport of wrestling with his work appearing in a dozen national magazines. He is also the author of 16 books, 12 of which are about wrestling. The former director of communications for USA Wrestling has also attended 35 NCAA wrestling tournaments, two Olympics, and two World meets.

    Chapman has been named National Wrestling Writer of the Year four times and was co-winner of the IMPACT of the Year Award by WIN magazine in 1999. In 2002, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award in wrestling from the Cauliflower Alley Club. He is also the founder of WIN magazine and originated both the WIN Memorabilia Show, now in its 13th year, and the Dan Hodge Trophy. Chapman and his wife, Beverly, reside in Newton, Iowa.


    “Wrestling Tough is much more than learning about being successful on the mat. It's for all who would like to dominate or develop a passion for any sport. Incredible reading! Get energized and be entertained at the same time.”
    Dan Gable
    Olympic champion and 2-time NCAA champion wrestler
    Olympic and 15-time NCAA team champion wrestling coach

    Wrestling Tough is what our sport is all about! Get an inside look at the greatest competitors in wrestling as told by Mike Chapman, the best writer in the history of the sport.
    Mark Johnson
    Head Coach, University of Illinois