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Yoga for Menopause Print CE Course

Yoga for Menopause Print CE Course


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    Course components are delivered as printed products:
    • Manual
    • Continuing education exam
    Yoga for Menopause uses a variety of paradigms, including holistic fitness, transpersonal psychology, and yoga, in presenting the concept of menopause and what it means to a woman’s body. This continuing education course will help you create and teach yoga courses appropriate for women during the age of menopause. The knowledge presented leads students to discover the developmental stages of women’s ways of knowing and becoming their authentic selves. It offers a variety of targeted mind–body techniques that will improve and support the health of women over 50.

    The course manual does not provide specific instructions for performing yoga postures because it is assumed that students already have experience teaching yoga. Instead of repeating how to do it, the text focuses on providing unique details and interesting or alternative perspectives for each pose that lead to a deeper understanding of the mind–body connection. Postures are suggested to relieve conditions associated with menopause, including insomnia, indigestion, fatigue, and stress, and sample classes are included.

    More than just a yoga course, Yoga for Menopause defines and describes the physical changes that women experience with the onset of menopause. Students will learn the stages of women’s ways of knowing and other mind–body fitness techniques to promote health and well-being, including breathing techniques and meditation. The course concludes with a continuing education exam for students to receive credit through participating organizations.

    Course Objectives
    • Define menopause and describe six physical changes associated with menopause.
    • List the five klesha (afflictions) that compromise or inhibit progress in yoga.
    • List the five sequential stages for women’s ways of knowing. Give an example of how a woman determines the truth at each of these stages.
    • Teach three techniques that tone the pelvic floor muscles (Kegel exercises, elevator exercise, aswini mudra).
    • Teach the laterality breathing technique.
    • Teach five adjunct mind–body fitness techniques to promote health and well-being for women over age 50.
    • Teach three meditations for stress reduction and good health.
    • Identify six yoga poses that are contraindicated for carpal tunnel syndrome.
    • Create and teach a yoga class consisting of 12 to 15 postures appropriate for women at the age of menopause.


    A continuing education course for athletic trainers and therapists, physical therapists and physiotherapists, group fitness and yoga instructors, and fitness professionals working with seniors

    Table of Contents


    Part 1: Menopause

    What is Menopause and What Does It Mean to Today’s Women?
    A Transpersonal Perspective
    A Holistic Perspective
    Seeking Authenticity

    Part 2: Yoga

    What is Yoga and What Can It Do for You?
    The Persistent Problem of Avidya
    The Persistent Problem of Stress
    Revisiting the Yamas and Niyamas

    Part 3: Ways of Knowing

    Women’s Ways of Knowing
    Who am I?
    Women’s Ways of Knowing and Menopause
    Somatic Ways of Knowing
    Women’s Ways of Knowing and Yoga

    Part 4: Yoga Pedagogy

    Traditional or Contemporary: Which Approach Is Best?
    Study the Yoga Postures
    Yoga for Incontinence and Low Energy
    Additional Mind-Body Fitness Techniques
    Yoga Postures for Mild Medical Conditions Associated With Menopause

    References and Resources
    Course Author
    Continuing Education Exam
    List of 85 Yoga Postures and Other Yoga/Mind-Body Fitness Methods

    About the Author

    Linda-Christy Weiler is the Executive Director for the Academy of Holistic Fitness, a company that provides yoga and somatic-based perceptive and integrative fitness continuing education courses for certified fitness professionals. She has a Master’s degree in Somatic Studies (the Self experienced as a body), a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and more than twenty-five years of experience as a fitness professional and movement educator.

    She served as director of the Yoga Fitness Program at the Hindu Cultural Center in Nashville’s Ganesha Temple for eleven years, and has trained in various styles of yoga including Sivananda, Kriya, Bikram, and Iyengar techniques. Her certifications include NASM CPT & CES, ACE Health Coach, and ACE Group Fitness Instructor. She is an affiliate member of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP), and a past member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS).

    What distinguishes her teaching is her interest in the effect of this work on the total person, not just on the body. She believes that health, fitness, and lifetime happiness are attained through a combination of physical, psychological, and spiritually-based training techniques, and that the essential qualities of poise, self-respect, inherent nobility, discipline, and loving kindness are integral aspects of optimal wellness.


    “Through this course, women on the cusp of perimenopause or menopause will be able to understand what they are feeling and why it's absolutely all right to feel the way they do. Regardless of what others say, this is a very exciting time in a woman's life."

    S. Backus—Dandridge, TN, ACE certified

    "LindaChristy Weiler's Yoga for Menopause is well presented and well organized. Everything in this course is current and forward-looking. The wisdom in it will resound with many women and help them validate their own life experiences. This course will be a valuable tool for both fitness instructors and yoga instructors. I really enjoyed and identified with the information presented in this course. It validated my personal experiences. I've already told other women about this course."

    M.N. Cook—Memphis, TN, ACE certified