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Bowling eXecution 2nd Edition PDF

Bowling eXecution 2nd Edition PDF


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    The sport's definitive work, from the game's master instructor. In Bowling Execution, legend and PBA Hall of Fame coach John Jowdy shares his expertise on every aspect of the sport, from developing skills to refining techniques for improved consistency.

    Bowling Execution will show you how to

    -improve each phase of your shot, from stance to follow-through;

    -increase the accuracy of your hook;

    -incorporate the free armswing for smoother mechanics;

    -generate more power behind your shot to create greater pin action;

    -analyze lane conditions and adjust your game accordingly; and

    -develop strategies for achieving your personal best.

    Whether your style is power or finesse, Bowling Execution will raise your game and your scores. It's the bowling resource you will turn to again and again.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Visualizing Success
    Chapter 2. Reading the Lanes
    Chapter 3. Gauging the Right Amount of Hook
    Chapter 4. Developing a Rhythmic Approach
    Chapter 5. Relaxing the Armswing for Fluid Movement
    Chapter 6. Releasing the Ball
    Chapter 7. Ideal Follow-Through
    Chapter 8. Establishing Your Comfort Zone
    Chapter 9. Fine-Tuning Your Game
    Chapter 10. Opening Up the Lanes
    Chapter 11. Choosing Your Equipment
    Chapter 12. Competing at the Next Level

    About the Author

    John Jowdy is a legend in bowling. He is recognized nationally and internationally as an author, speaker, and top coach of the pros. He has coached more than 100 professionals, and many of the bowlers he's worked with—including David Ozio, Del Warren, Randy Pedersen, Steve Hoskins, and Kent Wagner—won their first titles after working with him.

    In honor of his coaching expertise, Jowdy has been inducted into the American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame as well as the Texas Bowling Hall of Fame and San Antonio Bowling Hall of Fame. He is also the only member of the Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Fame who was inducted for coaching. Jowdy has worked with every world-class bowler, including Donna Adamek, Mike Aulby, and Pete Weber.

    Jowdy is known for teaching the execution and skill of the game, and he has been called the master of teaching the free armswing. He is also a skilled and prolific writer. He has received numerous writing awards, including the most prestigious awards a bowling writer can receive: the Flowers for the Living Award, the Mort Luby Meritorious Award, and the DBA Humanitarian Award. A former president of the Bowling Writers Association of America, he continues to write a syndicated monthly column that is carried in more than 20 national publications, as well as instructional columns for Bowling Digest and Bowling This Month. Columbia Industries, for whom Jowdy serves as pro tour consultant, has established an annual college scholarship in his honor.

    Jowdy lives in El Cajon, California, with his wife, Brenda.


    "John Jowdy continues to stay on top of the bowling world with Bowling Execution. With John's techniques, instruction, and observations on the sport of bowling, you're certain to improve your game."

    Mike Aulby
    PBA and USBC Hall of Famer