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Pilates Anatomy Poster Series

Pilates Anatomy Poster Series


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    Featuring the same stunning four-color artwork found in Pilates Anatomy, the Pilates Anatomy Poster Series consists of two posters that will help you correct alignment, posture, and movements while building a stronger, more articulate body.

    The Fundamental poster presents nine essential Pilates exercises:

    • Pelvic curl

    • Chest lift

    • Leg lift supine

    • Leg lift side

    • Leg pull side

    • Spine twist supine

    • Chest lift with rotation

    • Back extension prone

    • One-leg circle

    The Intermediate poster presents nine intermediate-level Pilates exercises:

    • Hundred

    • Crisscross

    • Seal

    • Rocker with open legs

    • Shoulder bridge

    • Leg pull front

    • Side kick kneeling

    • Saw

    • Swimming

    Whether you are just beginning to explore the beauty and benefits of Pilates or have been practicing for years, the Pilates Anatomy Poster Series will be a one-of-a-kind resource that you’ll refer to again and again.

    Individual poster size: 24 by 31 inches (60 by 80 cm)

    Posters can be purchased as a series or individually.

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